Seasonal Eats: Catch them while you can!

  • August 15, 2014
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The American name for autumn is the fall, which is quite appropriate we think. Everyone is busy catching the juiciest and lushest bounty just as it drops. You can pick them until your black and blue; those delicious berries are in abundance.

Figs, blackberries, apples, blueberries, strawberries… Our bakers have a trained eye for the seasonal ingredients that will make their way into your fruity dishes for autumn. So for all those sugar lovers: don’t feel guilty, it’s nature’s treat.

Easy Homemade Jam Recipe:

Curl up on the coach proudly, with a slice of your very own homemade jam and country brown bread (don’t forget the hot mug of tea or coffee!)


3 pints of freshly bought (or picked!) strawberries
3 cups of superfine sugar
2 tablespoons of orange flavoured liqueur e.g. Grand Marnier
½ Granny Smith apple
½ cup of fresh blueberries


  1. Place the strawberries in a colander and rinse them
  2. Chop them up into pieces.
  3. Let’s hope you have a heavy-bottomed pot – you’ll need it!
  4. Toss the strawberries in some sugar and the orange liquor in a deep pot or pan
  5. Bring the mixture to the boil, stirring often
  6. Add in that chopped apple and the cup-o-berries
  7. Bring everything to the boil
  8. Simmer it for 25-35 minutes– gently does it!
  9. Once the jam reaches 220 degrees…. voilà! It’s done!
  10. Skip any unwanted skin or foam from the top

Now the jam can cool down in the fridge while you wind down on the couch. It will keep refrigerated for at least 2 weeks, for those tasty late night treats.

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